Here they are, the Ellipsis goodies kegs list for the Anniversary Party.

Princess peach – Berliner with Peach, Cinnamon and Vanilla

Fruit Punch Project W/ Marshmallow – Our Berliner with an aggressive addition of marshmallows

Fruit Punch Project – Designed to taste like your childhood favorite fruit punch

Oh Puh-Leeeze – Berliner treated with Lemon, Lime and Black Cherry

Bahaha Blast – Berliner treated to taste like that drink that pairs well with tacos

Have Mercy – Berliner treated with Blackberry, Raspberry and Peach

Rainbow Rd – Berliner treated with Raspberry, Limes, Orange and Pineapple

Brazil Loves New England and Oranges – NE IPA conditioned on Orange Puree

Ellipsicle: Ambers Dragonfruit, Mango and Pear -NE Shake with Dragonfruit, Mango and Pear

Ellipsicle: Straw lemonade – NE Shake with Strawberries and Lemons

Ellipsicle: Orange pineapple – NE Shake with Orange and Pineapple

Look What You Did – Salted Caramel Stout

Sticky Icky DinoChaps – Stout treated with marshmallows

Goofy Goomba – Peanut Butter and Graham Stout

Schwarzer Wald – Black Forest Cake Stout

Did I Do Thatttt? – Stout with walnuts and vanilla.

Hazeltine -Porter with Hazelnut and Marshmallow

Bananas Faster – Brown ale with bananas and cinnamon

Whoomp There It Is – Saltwater Toffee treated Stout

Highly Doubtful – Stout with Coconut, Cold Brew Espresso, Sweet chocolate and dark chocolate